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Hairskeen™ HAIR


Losing your hair is never enjoyable. Some men really struggle with the thought of just accepting their new image of less hair. That is why treatments like Hairskeen hair have been developed that don’t involve surgery. The results are amazing and regardless of the amount of hair loss you have, we can make your hair look amazing again.


Offering the latest in European men’s custom hair replacement technology combined with the latest in modern men’s hairstyle options, you get the totally natural look and feel that only 100% natural real European style hair can offer. Hairskeen gives you the look you want in a totally breathable, innovative design for a completely natural, undetectable look.

HairSkeen does more than just ‘get your hair back,’ it allows you to experience the best of men’s fashionable hairstyles. It gives you the ability to create your own look, your own style, your own way that is at once trendy, modern, masculine, urban and sophisticated.


At InVisions of Connecticut, we use 100% natural human hair that gives you an undetectable look that will ensure you an invisible tailor-made result. You will be free to do all the activities you enjoy without worry. Go ahead and go swimming, running, play basketball all without compromise thanks to the optimal methods used. You can even feel free to wash daily with no problem. It can be treated just like your own natural growing hair.



Restoring your hair to the glory of a more youthful image without surgery has never been easier or more impressive! Hairskeen’s technologically advanced, innovative designs allow for amazing aesthetics and versatility to deliver you the ultimate in customized modern men’s hair replacement. All Hairskeen hair replacement systems undergo a five-point quality inspection ensuring exceptional hair quality. Hairskeen utilizes a unique hair ventilating technique that preserves the integrity of the hair throughout the production process. Industry-leading skin & V-loop technology gives you the perfect combination of durability and natural appearance. Whether your hairstyle demands a polished appeal, relaxed vibe or a classic look, Hairskeen’s endless styling possibilities will give to you an amazing look that other guys will envy.


Schedule your free no-obligation consultation and discover the life-altering advantage of the Hairskeen hair replacement system.

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