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Trichological analyses are performed by a Certified Trichologist when patients require a deeper understanding of their hair loss or scalp problem. Your Trichologist will determine which type of hair loss or scalp problem you have, and advise you on which treatments, if any, will help your condition. New patients are given a detailed analysis during which the Trichologist examines the hair and scalp thoroughly. Relevant information is obtained from the patient regarding their health, medical history, history of the problem, diet, hair care habits, and other pertinent facts that may relate to their problem. It may be necessary to epilate some hair for examination under the microscope or to cut some hair for a trace mineral analysis. Sometimes specific blood tests will be recommended if nutritional or hormonal imbalances or other medical issues are suspected. Although these tests can help reveal issues that may be contributing to the problem, they are not always necessary.



To gain a better understanding of your overall hair loss issue, a trichologist may be a better option when you are dealing with hair loss. Additionally, it is becoming more common for you to see trichologists and physicians working together in the same practice to provide a complete scope of hair loss treatment options and medical services to provide the greatest results.

Regardless of the path you choose, you do need to make sure that the practitioner you are visiting for your hair or scalp problem is a specialist in hair loss and the associated issues that may go with it.

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